Come and experience the real freedom of flying…

…Fly the New Aviat Husky A-1B-180 on Amphibious Floats

Moored to the banks of Loch Earn

For a number of years we have been operating a Piper Super Cub, which has become a familiar and well-loved sight around the lochs of Scotland.

However, we felt that the time had come for a change. We are proud and pleased to announce that we are operating a new Aviat Husky A–1B–180 on amphibious floats shown below, right.

Husky Aviat Aircraft

Totally spoil yourself – informal and fun – the experience of a lifetime amidst magnificent scenery
Freedom to fly anywhere – no tarmac, no hour building instructors, no PPR, no tower and radio where you land and take off, just total freedom!

Take a look at a map and see how many lochs there are in Scotland that you could be gracefully splashing down on and explore. Imagine, you could be fishing, camping, hillwalking, birdwatching, staying in a castle, playing golf, taking tea at a lochside hotel, visiting friends, having a barbeque in a peaceful and tranquil setting – the list is limited only by your imagination.

huskyApart from the exhilaration and fun of taking off and landing a seaplane on water, the scenery around Loch Earn is breathtaking with dramatic mountain peaks, ancient pine forests, hidden waterfalls, red deer, buzzards, eagles, and many lochs to fly to, close by. If you bring your family or are traveling with non-flyers, there is much to do in the local area – fabulous walks, water sports, pony trekking, mountain bike hire, whiskey distilleries, a vintage car museum, fishing, golf, a wildlife center, good restaurants and good company.

So, more or less, the flying is all about being free to do whatever makes you happy. You can enjoy the flight while doing what you love the most or you can choose to become the one who will fly a plane. In this case, any decision you make is good. You cannot go wrong when it comes to flying. We have been widely recognized by our clients and customers on an international scale for our premium quality services.

We want to help people minimize the distance and bring them closer to those they love, to what they want to accomplish and discover and desire. We are proud of proving our services of high standards across all traveling stages. Of course, safety and satisfaction are the two most important thing in what we do and we are always prepared to respond any needs of our customers and focus on what they want. This is only possible by pursuing the constant enhancement of the overall flying experience.

That is why our main focus is on the quality of the services and progress and innovation. We always conduct our business with the utmost responsibility and respectful manner towards the local communities and environment as well as our clients and suppliers. That network is what makes us prosper and it is the most valuable thing we have.