Learn how to fly a seaplane

All holders of the flying license can contact us to gain the rating for flying a seaplane. If you are one of those people, then welcome to the introductory post that will contain some basic info on how you can get a seaplane rating.

Those that think that flying and landing a plane on the ground and the sea is same will find that untrue. Seaplane flying and landing requires skills that aren’t seen in a regular training course, and that is why less than three percent of all pilots have seaplane rating.

Basic info about seaplane training

Every individual that comes to us for the rating has to have an active flying license. Seaplane flying is hard, and anyone that doesn’t have experience in flying a plane can’t undergo our course. We will test you, even if you have hours of flight under your belt. This is a part of the course, and it contains some essential elements of flight. We test pilots on their response in unexpected situations like engine stall.

We also require extensive knowledge of all elements of the plane from our students. You have to know how to react to any situation and to use your skills to deal with any problems that might arise. We also teach our students about basic and advanced terminology which differs from regular plans. This includes everything from the bumper to deck and bulkhead.
Our students have to learn how to use survival kits, ropes, anchor and float pumps before they sit in a seaplane. These tools aren’t present in regular planes, so it isn’t wrong to know nothing about them.

Advantages and disadvantages of flying a seaplane


The most prominent advantage of flying a plane that can land on a sea is the need for such pilots all across the world. As it was mentioned, only three percent of all pilots have this rating. This means that all jobs that require landing in areas without airstrips. Seaplanes have retractable landing gear, so this gives you an option to land on either ground or sea.

Many beautiful places around the earth are only accessible by boats because they don’t have airstrips. Well, this doesn’t present an obstacle for you, as you have a plain that can land on water. This gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you want with your plane.

When you choose to buy a seaplane, you get a choice between a regular plane that is repurposed for landing on water and a boat-design plane. Both of these are excellent options as one acts better while landing on rough water and the other can carry more cargo. The existence of choice makes it possible for you to choose one that will serve your purposes.


Sea operations are restricted to daylight. This means that landing and taking off from the water surface is legal only by sunlight. But you can still take off at sunset and then land on the ground if you have retractable landing gear.

Seaplanes are more expensive to maintain than regular planes, so be sure to consider increased maintenance costs if you choose to purchase a seaplane.